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Welcome to Oracle Blogs

Welcome to the Oracle blogging community!

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    I have a RESTful Service that accepts a bind value to a query that ORDS will run for me. How do I pass that bind to ORDS? You can do it explicitly be defining it as part of the URI. Or, you can use the classic web ?var=value to pass it. ORDS supports both Both Services run the same SQL The only difference is the URI... [Read More]

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    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Introduction Here's a reminder of the changes we’ve made to the optimizer’s adaptive... [Read More]

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    Oracle GoldenGate for HPE NonStop (Guardian) is now certified to install and run on HPE NSX (x86 chipset architecture). With this certification, Oracle GoldenGate can capture and deliver data from/to Enscribe, SQL/MP and files.

    Oracle GoldenGate for HPE NonStop is now certified for L06 - Release Version Updates L15.06, L16.08 and L17.02.

    You may refer to the following links for further information:

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    Yep - it's available ... Oracle Database on-premises is available for download now not only on Exadata and SuperCluster but on Linux x86-64, SPARC and Intel Solaris. For other platform plans please see MOS Note:742060.1. Oracle Software Delivery Cloud OTN Oracle Database 12c... [Read More]

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  • 03/01/17--11:41: The High Cost of Cheating
  • My 8-year-old came to me a few weeks ago with something weighing on his mind. He had helped a friend cheat on math homework. He wanted to help his friend do well, but he knew it wasn't right. We talked about how each new concept builds on the last and how he wasn't really helping his friend in the long run because the teacher would not know he needed more help before moving on. I was proud of his honesty.  

    How often do we as adults, cheat the system a little? We justify our actions because of money or job security or requirements. Sometimes we may not even be aware we're cheating because the culture of cheating may be so intrinsic.

    Certification exams are hard. They cover vast amounts of information and require months of preparation and sometimes years of experience and often come with a high price tag, especially if training is required. Some candidates feel that using brain dumps is common and necessary. Others feel that they have no option other than cheating because the cost of the certification exam compared to their salary makes it virtually impossible to take the exam more than once. Failing is not an option.

    But it all boils down to the fact that cheating is wrong and can have far-reaching, unintended consequences:

    • Cheating Hurts The Cheater. One of the biggest benefits of earning a certification is the skills, knowledge and concepts gained during exam preparation. Like my son's 8-year-old friend, when he cheated, he didn't learn what he needed to know. How can you perform acceptably in a your job if you're not prepared? If you are not able to perform comfortably, your job satisfaction drops. You lose confidence in yourself as your credibility decreases.
    • Cheating Hurts Present and Future Employers. Employers have certain expectations of candidates who hold certification. Current employers make an investment in the skills and knowledge gained through getting certified. Future employers spend a significant amount of time and money filling specific needs. If you have not properly prepared for your exams and do not have the skills and knowledge required to earn a certification without cheating, you've not only cheated yourself, you've cheated your employer when you're not able to perform the required job tasks. This could affect your company's credibility with their customers and certainly costs your company money.
    • Cheating Hurts Legitimate Certification Holders. When cheaters obtain certification without having the expected skill set required to pass the exam, it dilutes the value of certification for candidates who earned certification legitimately. If an employer has been 'burned' by a candidate who cheated to earn certification but did not have the required skills to perform the job, he will give less value to this certification held by other candidates.
    • Cheating Hurts the Oracle Certification Program. As mentioned above, candidates who cheat instead of properly preparing for an exam dilute the certification value for everyone who holds the certification, thereby diluting the value of the certification program as a whole. You devalue your own credential when you cheat to obtain it.
    • The Lone Beneficiary of Cheating is Not You. Cheating artificially inflates your abilities, creating an image that you cannot live up to. It costs employers valuable time and money as well as credibility in the eyes of their customers. It devalues certification for you and everyone else who holds the certification. So, who really does benefit from cheating? The companies who sell the exam questions and brain dumps are the only ones who benefit from cheating. They don't care if your certification holds no value. They don't care if you're able to perform in your job. They often don't even care if the materials they provide are correct. Brain dumps are notoriously low quality and wrong.

    My 8-year-old and his friend learned a valuable lesson about cheating. Cheaters never win. My son told his teacher what happened and came clean with his friend. He got the emotional rush of winning from doing the right thing. His friend got extra help to learn the math concepts he missed. And they're still friends. Everybody won.

    So, you might be asking yourself - 'what can I do to help protect the value of my certification?' Check back next week for 'Protecting Your Certification From Cheaters.'

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    February 2017 top tweets by soaCommunity

    Send your tweets @soacommunity#soaCommunity and follow us at Make sure you share your content with the community!

    SOA & BPM Partner Community

    For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.


    Technorati Tags: twitter,SOA Community,Oracle SOA,Oracle BPM,OPN,Jürgen Kress,SOA Community twitter

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    We missed to document some functionality !!! With the next milestone for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 just taking place - the availability on premise for Linux x86-64, Solaris Sparc64, and Solaris x86-64, in addition to the Oracle Cloud - I managed to use this as an excuse to play around with it for a bit .. and... [Read More]

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    I did blog several times about how to remove an unwanted component from a database. But yesterday I came across this interesting scenario worth a blog post.. How to install a component afterwards in Single-/Multitenant? I haven't checked all the MOS Notes but I recognized that some MOS Notes explaining how to... [Read More]

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    The Oracle PaaS Partner Community Forum that will be held in the Le Méridien Lav, Split, Croatia on March 27th& 28th& 29th 2017 with hands-on training on March 30th & 31st 2017. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get the latest PaaS & Middleware information direct from product management, get trained hands-on by our experts and network within the community.

    ·Process Cloud Service & BPM Suite& BPM Suite 12c

    ·SOA Cloud Service & Integration Cloud Service & SOA Suite 12c

    ·Mobile Cloud Service & Application Builder Cloud Service & Mobile & Development tools

    ·Java Cloud & Application Container Service & Developer Cloud Service& WebLogic 12c

    ·User Experience and Enrich SaaS with PaaS & Internet of Things Cloud Service

    Keynote and General Sessions

    On Tuesday March 28th the Product Management Team will give you an overview of the Oracle PaaS Cloud portfolio:

    • Platform as a Service Keynote with live demos Ed Zou

    • API Cloud Service & Integration and Process Cloud Service Vikas Anand

    • What is Cloud-Native / Microservice programming model for application development and How Oracle fits here with its cloud offering. Mike Lehmann

    • Content and Experience David le Strat

    • The Rise of Chat Bots in Enterprise Mobile Application Development Frank Nimphius

    • Alliance & Channel Keynote Jean-Marc Gottero

    Networking & Social Media

    Want to know who attends the conference? Join our Facebook event page

    On Twitter please use the #PaaSForum!

    For details please visit the registration page here.

    SOA & BPM Partner Community

    For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.


    Technorati Tags: SOA Community,Oracle SOA,Oracle BPM,OPN,Jürgen Kress

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    Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux: Getting Started teaches students that are new to OpenStack how to:

    • Describe Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux.
    • Describe this cloud computing architecture.
    • Identify core and optional services.
    • Describe Docker images and containers.
    • Describe preparing nodes and a multi-node deployment.
    • Troubleshoot a multi-node deployment.

     You can take this course in the following formats:

    • Live-Virtual Event: Attend a live event from your own desk, no travel required. Events are added to the schedule to suit different time-zones.
    • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center attend this course.


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    Database 12c Release 2 available for download  Yes, it’s the moment the world has been waiting for: the latest generation of the world’s most popular database, Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) is now available everywhere - in the Cloud and on-premises. You can download this latest version from the database... [Read More]

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    A new whitepaper has been added to document Oracle Order Management Suite White Papers (Doc ID 113492.1), under the Shipping Execution subheading: Add Attachments to Deliveries in OIP.

    The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how an attachment function can be added to tables in the Order Information Portal (OIP).

    There could be occasions where attachments have been added to the Order Management forms that need to be visible to the end customer, for example Proof of Delivery documentation.  There are existing documents in My Oracle Support that provide information on this subject:
    Enable Attachment in OIP Order Information Portal Order Status OA Page (Doc ID 1475249.1)
    R12: How to See Attachment in Buyers Page after Upgrade to 12.1.3 (Doc ID 1924070.1)

    However, this whitepaper shows how to add a link to view already uploaded documents.

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    The Oracle Mexico Payroll End of Year 2016 Phase 3
    patches have been released and are now available on My Oracle Support!

    End of Year 2016 Phase 3 patches:

    R12.1 - Patch 25444666:R12.PAY.B*

    R12.2 - Patch 25444666:R12.PAY.C*

    * Please note:
    - This End of Year 2016 Phase 3 patch includes all of the End of Year 2016 and Year Begin 2017 patches as well as the latest statutory updates. For further details, please review the Mexico 2016 Year End Patch Schedule.

    - These patches merge the two patch branches previously created to support the different CFDI versions and are different from all other statutory updates (there are additional post installation steps), so please be sure to carefully read the entire patch readme before installing these patches to ensure successful processing.


    - This patch delivers the permanent solution to support UMA as the index to compute Mexico taxation and replaces the Minimum Wage.

    - This patch delivers fixes and updates to CFDI XML Payroll Payslip version 1.2.

    - This patch includes the new 2017 Tlaxcala State tax rate.

    End of Year 2016 Phase 3 Functional Readme's

    Note 2237703.1 - Release R12.1.x Year End 2016 Phase 3 Readme

    Note 2237705.1 - Release R12.2.x Year End 2016 Phase 3 Readme

    Other References:

    For the complete R12.1.X Payroll Mandatory Patch List, see My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 941743.1

    For the complete R12.2.X Payroll Mandatory Patch List, see My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 1677134.1

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    Written by Alexandra Georgescu, Marketing Manager, Oracle University

    Our lives are becoming increasingly connected to our devices.

    As smart machines get smarter, the Internet of Things will be the next great trend.

    A new IT reality is evolving with technology architectures and platforms to support the advancement of a digitally connected world. We are reaching the stage where digital is no longer a separate function; it’s the condition for staying relevant.

    The digital revolution is transforming industries. As the cost of advanced technologies is descending, business and society are being revolutionized.

    Digital transformation is happening in every industry; to accommodate it, industries are following different paths at different speeds.

    Every industry will inevitably get to the same point upon complete transformation. Each industry will:

    • Digitally understand and digitally interact with customers.
    • Operate their businesses based on real-time information.
    • Continue to improve job functions with increasing automation.

    In response to this inevitable transformation, many companies are adding roles with a digital focus or changing traditional roles to have a digital orientation.

    The list of “digital” business roles and functions is extensive and is continuously growing. Examples of these roles include:

    • Digital strategists
    • Chief digital officers
    • Digital engagement managers
    • Digital finance managers
    • Digital marketing managers
    • Digital supply chain managers

    Filling these roles is not always easy, as significant skills gaps exist today. Recent studies predict that robotics and machine learning may fill certain gaps.

    STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills are often a focus, but robots lack the qualities of creativity and empathy that are crucial for many roles in the labor market.

    The ICT job family will experience very high growth centered on data analysis and software and applications development.

    This will impact a wide range of industry sectors, including financial services and investors, media and entertainment, information, mobility and professional services for which computing power and Big Data analytics constitute significant drivers of employment growth in each.

    On the other hand, office and administrative roles, as well as customer service roles, will decline within the employment market.

    How to prepare for digitalization

    Developers and programmers continue to be leading players in the IT world.

    Hiring managers cite programming and application development as the top skills they will be seeking in the near future.

    As the Internet is the vehicle organizations use to connect employees, clients, partners and customers, it's not surprising that web development jobs remain key within IT teams.

    Talented web developers continue to be in demand even as companies add social and mobile platforms to their portfolios.

    • Employers expect database analysts to possess a range of skills. 
    • Proficiency in data modeling and database design rank high, as does the ability to ensure database performance and data integrity.
    • While some skills lose their relevance every couple of years, tech skills will still be in demand for years to come in every industry.

    According to career experts, it has never been a better time for professionals to acquire the skills they need to be more marketable.

    With Oracle University's classroom and digital training offerings, you can develop all of these in demand skills and become marketable to employers.

    Explore the most popular Oracle certifications and choose one to create a solid foundation for a successful IT career.

    Sources: Deloitte, World Economic Forum

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    The following India Consolidated Release Patches
    IN.15 have been released via My Oracle Support

    Release 12.1 : Patch 25322509:R12.PER.B
    Release 12.2
    : Patch 25322509:R12.PER.C

    The above patch is mandatory for all India Payroll customers.

    Please referNote 2219364.1 - India Consolidated Patch IN.15 for more information.

    If you encounter any issues with this patch, please contact by logging a Service Request on My Oracle Support.

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    Want to get started on learning everything there is to know about the latest version of our Database? Don’t want to really have to install or create anything? Well, you’re in luck. Just go download our image. The image is up and running, complete with sample data for you to play with. In a few minutes,... [Read More]

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    Research firm IDC estimates that the market for platform as a service (PaaS) solutions will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 percent and reach $14 billion by 2017. PaaS provides application runtime, database, integration, messaging, and other services in the cloud, accelerating application development and reducing infrastructure acquisition and maintenance costs. Here are five best practices for maximizing the business value of your PaaS solutions. Get the report here.

    SOA & BPM Partner Community

    For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.


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    We have been busy improving the EBS on Oracle Cloud automation infrastructure to provide significant enhancements as well as new capabilities.

    As always, Getting Started with Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud is the best place to start reading about what is possible, and to help you choose the right solution for your specific needs.

    The following are some of the most notable automation enhancements and new options.

    Enhanced Multi-Node Provisioning

    The new EBS Cloud Admin Tool allows you to provision a new installation of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Oracle Database Release or in Oracle Cloud.  This now includes the capability to deploy an EBS database to the Oracle Database Cloud Service if desired.  

    In addition, you can provision either Oracle Distributed Warehouse Management 12.2 or Oracle Distributed Yard Management 12.2 with Database in the Compute Cloud Service.

    Details can be found in the Oracle by Example tutorial Provisioning a New Multi-Node Oracle E-Business Suite Installation in Oracle Cloud Using the EBS Cloud Admin Tool.

    Optimized Cloning from On-Premises to Oracle Cloud

    Our EBS cloud tools, which include the EBS Cloud Backup Utility and EBS Cloud Admin Tool, allow you to copy your on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.3+ or 12.1.3 (with Database or environment to Oracle Cloud in two linked stages:

    1. Back up your on-premises EBS installation to Oracle Storage Cloud Service
    2. Provision your desired topology on Oracle Cloud

    This includes the ability to deploy the database to the Compute Cloud Service or to the Database Cloud Service ( only).

       Details can be found in the Oracle by Example tutorial Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite from On-Premises to Oracle Cloud Using EBS Cloud Tools.

       New Management Capabilities for Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud

       Once you have created an environment using the EBS Cloud Admin Tool, you can subsequently use the tool to do the following:

      • Add a shared or non-shared application tier to your environment
      • Delete an environment
      • Clone an environment using volume snapshots
       Details can be found in the Oracle by Example tutorial Managing Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Using the EBS Cloud Admin Tool.

          New Automated Configuration of Integrations

          You have the option to configure the following integrations for environments created using the EBS Cloud Admin Tool:

          • Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer
          • Oracle Access Manager
          • SOA Cloud Services
          We are working hard to bring you even more features in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!

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          Feb 14th,  Developer Week in San Francisco, Oracle showed some <3 for developers and coincidentally, the keynote was on Valentines day. (aww!) The interesting thing about this keynote was that it not only discussed Oracle's vision for developers, but also showed a great end-to-end demo that showcased some of that vision in action. You might say it was a "talk the talk and walk the walk" keynote & demo, which seems appropriate when you have a room full of developers.

          Below, I'll try to summarize what I mean. (all images, click to enlarge)

          Amit Zavery, Oracle SVP (far right) getting ready to start the keynote

          Amit kicked things off right away noting the wonderful changes happening in software development. As he put it, it was a "great time to be a developer" and he meant it. The flexibility of open source technologies, fewer monolithic apps, more microservices and API-first designs, mobile of course, and exciting technologies such as AI and chatbots!

          In terms of demonstrating what he mean, he set up the development of an app that would be led API First, deployed on Mobile with an Intelligent Chatbot guiding customers in making efficient purchase decision to obtain those impossible to get, Golden State Warrior tickets.

          Vikas Anand, Oracle VP, Product Management - kicked off the demo discussion with the API First view of development. Vikas leads the charge with Oracle's own Integration Cloud Service, where APIs are near and dear to his heart. 

          Vikas then introduced Jakub Nešetřil, founder and CEOof, Oracle's latest acquisition, to show off how make it easy for developers to readily design, prototype, document and test their APIs. From a developer's perspective, a great addition to their toolset in an API First world.

          Jakub Nešetřil, founder and CEOof

          The demo inevitably led to the cloud, where the flexibility in tools, languages and processes, were aided by the inherent capabilities of the Oracle Cloud, and all the built in goodies that help developers be more productive.

          Oracle Cloud

          And finally the demo concluded with Sri Ramanathan, Oracle GVP, Mobile - developing the intelligent chatbot interface, that took advantage of the APIs developed earlier, which enabled the chatbot to make the best ticket offers to the customers. 

          Sri Ramanathan, Oracle GVP, Mobile

          End of day, back to Amit Zavery who wrapped it all up with the big picture of the Oracle Cloud Platform

          It was a great keynote and if you missed it, don't worry because you can get your hands on some/similar content at the global Oracle Code events that recently got underway. (March 1st, San Francisco)  They are hands on events tuned for developers, staring this month and going big across 20 cities world wide!

          Follow us @OracleMobile and to join the Oracle Mobile conversation on LinkedIn.

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          We’re excited about the Exam Prep Seminar Packages!  Here's why; we added a FREE retake voucher if you fail your exam, we lowered the pricing and we think they offer a great value.

          But most important is what you think.  Want to see what they’re like?Preview the Java SE 8 Programmer I

          You can purchase the seminar all by itself.  They are 4-6 hours in length and recorded by a great Oracle instructor who goes through each exam objective.  Or, here's what you'll get when you purchase one of our Exam Prep Seminar Packages:

          • Exam prep seminar access, 24/7 (6 month subscription)

          • Practice test access, 24/7 (6 month subscription)

          • One exam voucher and a free retake in case you need it (valid for 6 months)

          View all at

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